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I began as student (5-2017) because I needed a more structured approach to Bible study. I wanted more love and understanding in my personal life. Within months I had found my marriage was in trouble. I was given courage to stand for a Christian marriage knowing I could be standing in the rapture within 10 years! I confronted my husband to become strong in the Holy Spirit. I felt if things continued unchecked I believed I was at risk for a divorce. A 35-year marriage was at a crossroad. Gods powerful hand guided my husband through a lifetime of hurt to healing and grace. My husband listened to the Holy Spirit’s leading and he also enrolled in the college as a means to understand Jesus more, and to invest in our life together as a Christian couple. We are now in Course 5 together and our hearts are knit together with Christ Jesus at the very center. The Lord is restoring the years the locust have eaten and it is greatly impacting all three of our grown sons lives as well. Something is different now. It is the reality of the truth of Jesus Christ.
Don & Kathleen
I personally want to thank you for Jerusalem Prophecy College. JPC has changed my life!! I can honestly tell you that now, I am not afraid of the second coming of Jesus. I can read the Bible and understand what God's word is trying to tell us. Everyday, I look forward to my next lesson because I can't wait to learn more and more of what God is trying to teach us. Thank you for all of your hard work into this college!! My relationship with my God is growing closer and closer everyday. God Bless you all!! Know in your hearts that you are helping God change peoples lives!! Thank you Again!! God Bless.
Thank you for your study of the word and JPC. I have been asking In prayer for understanding the very things you answered especially in Course 7 where Peter says to add to your faith, and I love Course 3. JPC is the best thing that has happened to my spiritual growth.

Jerusalem Prophecy College

The Jerusalem Prophecy College is an effort of Endtime Ministries to empower you to know the link between current events and Bible prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled. Our world is now entering the time of more prophetic fulfillment than has ever taken place in the history of mankind. Many of the events prophesied for the times just ahead will occur in Israel and in the city of Jerusalem. While many Jews in Israel are intensely interested in the prophecies of the scriptures, millions of people worldwide need to have a better understanding of the times in which we live and the unquestionable link to Bible prophecy.